What is PAC?

What is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC)? The School Act gives parents the right through PAC’s to assume an advisory role in every school. Every PAC is a forum within the school community to discuss matters affecting their school and the education of their children. Parents are vital partners in their children’s education. Study after study show that parental involvement in education results in greater success for students, better attitudes towards school and higher academic achievement. PAC strives to represent the diversity within their community and contribute to the benefit of all students by: providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school; involving parents in volunteer activities and openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for their school.

The PAC Constitution and Bylaws were ammended and approved at the June 2016 PAC Meeting. Click below to view these.

PAC Executive 2017-18

A new Parent Advisory Council Executive was elected June of 2017:

President (Chair) Joanne H., Vice-President (Vice Chair) Diana T. and Tanya M., Secretary – Karen M., Treasurer Mirka F., DPAC Tracey I.

Committee Heads: Fundraising Coordinator – none; committees for specific events, Hot Lunch Coordinators – Minta S., and Michelle D., Communications – Michelle G., Emergency Prep Coordinators – Steve H. and Katie H., LFI Rep – Minta S.


If you would like to contact CD PAC, please send us an email at

The revised June 2016 Constitution and Bylaws are posted below.

Cliff Drive PAC Constitution and Bylaws