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Hot Lunch Program Information 2017-18

September 23, 2017

           Hello Cliff Drive Parents/Guardians,

We are once again offering hot lunch this year! This is a recap of the program so please take a few minutes to read all the details. This link will take you to the online ordering system. Orders must be done online as no paper options are available.

Once you enter, click 'Register Family Account Here' to set up a new account. If you registered last year, click on 'Login Here" as your email/password will be in the system and you will only be prompted to update your child(ren)'s new class information. If you forgot your password, just click on "forgot password" to reset it. 

  Munchalunch has set up a new payment system.  To pay online you will need to enter the following:  credit card #, expiry date, and cvc # . You may also leave an envelope with cash or a cheque (made out to Cliff drive PAC) in our secure PAC mailbox mounted on the wall across from the school office. Please make sure the envelope is clearly labeled with your child’s name and the words 'hot lunch'.  ORDERS AND FULL PAYMENTS ARE DUE 10 DAYS PRIOR TO HOT LUNCH DATE. (no exceptions once ordering has closed)

 If you wish to cancel a date you must do so 10 days in advance by sending an email to Any late requests for cancellation cannot be credited. This year we will only provide a credit for cancelled orders. Credits can be used for future orders on anything purchased through Munchalunch inlcuding hot lunch and fundraisers. If you absolutely require a refund there will be a $15 processing fee. 

 There are two types of hot lunches we offer:

1) Panago Pizza only days (gluten free pizza available) - this year we will offer sides and drinks as well.

2)  Fresh Slice Pizza (gluten free pizza available), Subway and Sushi days - when we serve a variety of food options with sides and drinks. We are opening up online ordering in September for October-December and in December for January-June. These are the hot lunch dates for the 2017/18 academic year: 

Hot lunch dates


Orders and payment must be in by this due date for your order to be processed


Friday, October 13 Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi Subway

Tuesday, October 3

Friday, November 17 Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi, Subway

Tuesday, November 7

Monday, November 27 Panago Pizza Day

Friday, November 17

Monday, December 18 Panago Pizza Day

Friday, December 8

Friday, January 19, Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi, Subway

Tuesday, January 9

Friday, February 16 Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi, Subway

Tuesday, February 10

Monday, March 12 Panago Pizza Day

Monday, March 2

Friday, April 27 Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi, Subway

Tuesday, April 17

Friday, May 11 Fresh Slice Pizza, Sushi, Subway

Tuesday, May 1

Monday, June 4 Panago Pizza Day

Friday, May 25

Friday, June 15 Sports Day Panago Pizza Day

Tuesday, June 5


If you have ordered hot lunch, Munchalunch will always send you an email the day before confirming. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not see one. If you do not receive a confirmation email this means you have not ordered a hot lunch. Please make sure your child(ren) has a lunch from home that day. If you do not get an email but are sure you have ordered you can log in to your Munchalunch account to double check your order history. Please let your child(ren) know what to expect to get for hot lunch. Mistakes rarely happen but when they do it is the children's responsibility to go to the gym and let the volunteer coordinators know there has been an error so they can correct it right away. 


Parents/guardians/family members are needed to help distribute. Minta is our volunteer hot lunch distribution coordinator this year and needs extra adults to help hand out food on hot lunch days. If you have 20 minutes to spare on hot lunch days, you can meet the volunteer coordinator in the gym at 11:45am. Please note you must sign in to the office as a visitor first.


Spookfest, our other major fundraiser, is on the horizon! While you are ordering lunch, you can Pre-purchase your tickets as well via the 'Fundraising' tab. 


If you have any questions about Munchalunch please contact, Julieta at If you have any questions about hot lunch distribution or Spookfest, contact Minta at 604-512-6579. 


We hope you take advantage of our hot lunch program and online ordering system!



Cliff Drive Elementary PAC