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App Now Available for Cliff Drive Ultimate Obstacle Course

April 1, 2017

There's now an App for the Cliff Drive Ultimate Obstacle Course. The App is free and ready to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play under "Cliff Drive Obstacle Course". While the App is for fun and a great way for kids to log their race times and work to improve on their scores, the ongoing goal of the Obstacle Course is to keep kids active and having fun

Please read through the details below and share the information with your children. The app is only to be used after school hours. 

The App:

  • features a Top 100 Leaderboard for those that want their names/times to be public (leave “share with the Leaderboard” selected)
  • records individual race times that can be kept private (de-select “share with the Leaderboard” and times will only show under “My Times”, not the Leaderboard).
  • Is available to everyone (all students, teenagers and adults) - not just Cliff Drive - so other names will appear on the Leaderboard
  • should only have correct data and correct times entered to be fair to all involved
  • requires proper names to be used so that everyone is aware of who is on the Leaderboard by name alone
  • features a stopwatch that can be used to track times or the Cliff Drive stopwatch or any other stopwatch can also be used
  • may not work on older phones or devices
  • will run best if all software is up to date on the device

If an error has been made in posting a time on the Leaderboard and it needs to be deleted, an email is required to be sent to the address found on the “About” page of the App.


Be a good sport and:

  • only post times to the Leaderboard from races that are completed properly and fully (with each obstacle performed as intended)
  • cheer on other students and be supportive of ALL times and accomplishments

This App is to be taken seriously and respected as time and funds were used in the development.


Be safe and have fun! Challenge yourself, challenge others and try your best!



Thank you.