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PARENT MESSAGE:  We have a growing safety concern regarding parents dropping off and picking up their children.  There is NO parent parking on the school grounds.  There is AMPLE parking at Brandrith Park ( tennis courts ) or the Tsawwassen Alliance Church, both on 12th Avenue. An even better solution is to have your child walk or bike.  If you are running late, please know that we would rather have you and your child arrive safe, than on-time!  The student crossing-guards have experienced OUR PARENTS driving unsafely in their quest to get children to school quickly, and therefore we have had a stepped up Delta Police presence, on both 12th Avenue, and Cliff Drive Road.  We ask that the parents also follow our school code:  Be Safe; Be Kind; Be Respectful, both in and outside of your vehicle.

Students who have PE on Tuesday and Friday, with Mr. Leveque, are participating in Field Hockey. They MUST remember to bring their mouth guards to participate.

Please sign up for your child's conference on February 5th or 6th.  The notice was sent home, and additional information is in the New News.  Sign up using PARENT CONNECT.

Each year, the staff and School Planning Council reflect on the school goals, and make implementation changes, based on feedback and data from student performance.  We have been working on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for the past 4 years, and have come up with a way to showcase this great work.  We introduced CD TV on Monday theme assemblies. We have on-going episodes where the "Brainy-Acts" share their learning about how emotions affect learning, as well as lessons on how to be a more effective learner.

  This is a reminder that there are multiple opportunties within the school year when learnings are captured in photos or video, and your children are always eager to participate. If the opportunity comes to share outside of our building, we make every effort to ensure that parents are contacted, and that they give specific permission for that sharing. 

Cool wet weather will be with us for the rest of the fall/winter.  Please remember to send your child with clothing appropriate to spend recess and lunch OUTSIDE.  This includes waterproof jackets and footwear.

STAFF information is on the ABOUT tab of the website, with links directly to teacher email.

Grade 7 Late French Immersion parents - please put January 24th - 31 on your calendar for the students' trip to Quebec.

We are very pleased to see that many families are making the walk to and from school, and are including the family pet in their walk.  We wish to remind everyone that there are several children, particularly the little ones, who are seriously frightened by your pets.  Please ensure that they are not brought into the undercover areas, and if they leave their doggy doo behind, please pick it up! This is also a reminder that there are no OFF LEASH areas for dogs on our school grounds.

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