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Our April Newsletter and Calendar are now posted.

Thanks to the families who donated herbs!  The area adjacent to the flagpole has the beginnings of an herb garden started.  There will also be seedlings started in classrooms to add to the flavor of our garden.  The raised beds are being tended by 6 classes, and are also starting to "grow".  For your neighbourhood walks, we would very much appreciate a careful eye being kept on all areas of our school, but particularly on the gardens, as vandalism is both expensive to repair, but also disheartening to the Cliff Drive growing community.

Track & Field is now here for all of our intermediate students.  This will take place DAILY, with specific training for field and running event, either during DPA, or in PE classes.  All students interested in participating in the REGIONAL Track Meet, in May, are required to also attend the twice weekly conditioning practices.  These will be held at 8:00 on Tuesday and Friday.  Younger siblings and other family members are welcome to also come out to these practices!  These will be held rain or shine, and attendance will be taken. If your child is unable to attend, please ensure that a note is sent to their teacher, as attendance is a component of eligibility for the Track Meet.

The 'Flu and Cold season is here!  Please do not send your child to school if they display symptoms of the flu, and please keep them home for 48 hours after their last vomitting. We are being vigilant in the HAND WASHING that we ask students to take part in.

We are very pleased to see that many families are making the walk to and from school, and are including the family pet in their walk.  We wish to remind everyone that there are several children, particularly the little ones, who are seriously frightened by your pets.  Please ensure that they are not brought into the undercover areas, and if they leave their doggy doo behind, please pick it up!

The school CALENDAR  is available on the ABOUT page of our website.

STAFF information is on the ABOUT tab of the website. 

A DOG reminder - we have many students who are frightened by ALL dogs.  Please do not take your pet into the undercover areas at dismissal time to ensure these children to exit the building calmly.

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Not sure? Have a question about our school? Our newly revised for 2013 Parent Handbook is available. It is also on the Parent page of this website.

A reminder - there are no OFF LEASH areas for dogs on our school grounds.  If you bring your dog to school, please leave them on leash.  We have several students who are frightened by dogs.

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