Cliff Drive Elementary School

Cliff Drive SOARS!

Welcome to École Cliff Drive Elementary School

WE HAVE A NEW LUNCH BREAK TIME!  Students will now be having recess from 10:45 -11:00, and Lunch from 12:25 - 1:17. The day continues to begin at 9:00 and end at 3:00. These changes within the day are a result of the need to adjust gym and library class allocations.

 K's will be full time in school beginning on September 30th.  

Our Terry Fox Run and Assembly was held on Friday! Thanks to the many families who chose to give a donation to the Cancer Society in Terry's name.  If you do not do so due to the lack of notice, please send your donation in on Monday, and we will be sure to pass it along!

ALL GRADE 7 LFI parents - there will be a meeting at 6:00 October 1st to discuss the QUEBEC trip.

Grade 7 Band continues for the new school year. This is a mandatory course for all Grade 7 students, with instruction provided during school times.  Students are required to provide their own instrument.  BAND RENTAL NIGHT IS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1st. Click here for some information regarding instrument rentals.  Additionally, there is a fee paying Band Program offered extra-curricularly for students in Grades 4 - 6.  Information is available at the office for this program.

For the 2014- 2015 school year, the parent calendar has been sent, and the school supply lists are available for Primary and Intermediate students. This is the link to School Starts

Spookfest is scheduled for October 30th, with a need for silent auction items,and keep your bottles for the Toss the Bottle station! Grade 7 Late French Immersion parents - please put January 24th - 31 on your calendar for the students' trip to Quebec.

We are very pleased to see that many families are making the walk to and from school, and are including the family pet in their walk.  We wish to remind everyone that there are several children, particularly the little ones, who are seriously frightened by your pets.  Please ensure that they are not brought into the undercover areas, and if they leave their doggy doo behind, please pick it up! This is also a reminder that there are no OFF LEASH areas for dogs on our school grounds.

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Not sure? Have a question about our school? Our  2013 Parent Handbook is available and will be revised asap. It is also on the Parent page of this website.

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