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Welcome to École Cliff Drive Elementary School

Individual Student Photos will be taking place on Monday October 27th.Click the link for some "tips" from MJM LifeTouch photos.  

Friday October 24th is a Provincial Specialist Day - this means that schools around BC are closed for students, to allow staff to meet and engage in professional development.

Grade 6 & 7 students have signed up, and are involved with extra-curricular Volleyball.  Schedules for Games and practices have been sent home.  

Grade 7 Mandatory Band is well underway.  We look forward to a Squeak and Squawk Concert in early December!  

Over 60 students have signed up to be part of the WE365 Team, which promotes student involvement to make the world a better place.  25 students headed to WE DAY on Wednesday to learn more about how they can lead our school. One event they have already taken on is We Scare Hunger - a cause that has them collecting FOOD for the Food Bank, rather than trick or treating for Halloween.

Individual Student Photos will be taking place on Monday October 27th.Click the link for some "tips" from MJM LifeTouch photos.  

For long time Cliff Drive families, as well as for all staff, effective October 1st, Mrs. McNab, our Secretary, has left our school to enjoy a well earned Retirement.  If you have been in the practice of contacting her directly, she will no longer be accessing FirstClass.  Please welcome Mrs. Bartlett, our new Office Administrative Assistant.  Her contact is, or continue to use, which directs emails to Mrs. Keller.



School has now started and Fraser Health raises concern for spreading of cold and flu germs, as well as Entrovirus.  Strong Recommendations are that hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and personal hygiene are the best ways to prevent spreading germs.  Symptoms of Enterovirus include: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or wheezing, and/or extremely high fever.  Advice is to take your child to see a doctor if they are exhibiting these respiratory symptoms.

WE HAVE A NEW LUNCH BREAK TIME!  Students will now be having recess from 10:45 -11:00, and Lunch from 12:25 - 1:17. The day continues to begin at 9:00 and end at 3:00. 

STAFF information is on the ABOUT tab of the website, with links directly to teacher email.

Spookfest is scheduled for October 30th, with a need for silent auction items,and keep your bottles for the Toss the Bottle station!

Grade 7 Late French Immersion parents - please put January 24th - 31 on your calendar for the students' trip to Quebec.

We are very pleased to see that many families are making the walk to and from school, and are including the family pet in their walk.  We wish to remind everyone that there are several children, particularly the little ones, who are seriously frightened by your pets.  Please ensure that they are not brought into the undercover areas, and if they leave their doggy doo behind, please pick it up! This is also a reminder that there are no OFF LEASH areas for dogs on our school grounds.

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